Rumored Maotsujun Sighting in Hawaii


Wow, my cousin said that her co-worker’s boyfriend works at Alan Wongs and he served Arashi last week😱 And “one of the members was with his girlfriend”❗️❗️He doesn’t know which one because according to him “all of them look alike” lol But it’s rumored to be MatsuJun and Inoue Mao❤️❤️

"Ok, this translation is from the tidbits of the article which will be released today.

Credit from kiokunokatachi

- Someone from the industry leaked this little convo she had w/ Mao-chan about J. She revealed that Mao was close to Toma at first.
- But J was so persistent in pursuing her so they ended up together. The exact Japanese word was Jun is gui gui. lol
-When she asked Mao what was the part of Jun she liked, she said Jun is more clever than she is.

Kyaaa. Total confirmation”

-magzhydfan of LSS


I believe Mao and Jun are together. I’m not saying this as a shipper, but based on the eyewitnesses’ reports, articles & evidences that I’ve been reading about them. All the marriage rumors for the past 2.5 years points to the 100% possibility of them being a long-term couple with marriage in mind. (what’s funny about this ship is that they haven’t even admitted to dating but the issues surrounding them are already of marriage level) As for the years they have been together, I’m not sure when it started but Hana Yori Dango became the key to their relationship (whether they started dating during or at the end of the drama).

One thing that makes this couple legit is that they never denied the rumors, I mean it’s really tiring to be rumored with the same person for almost 7 years unless something’s going on (and you like it lol). It’s easy to deny and say they’re just good friends, but both sides never said so. The silence itself plays a critical hint on the real answer.

As for marriage it’s likely impossible for it to be this year but who knows? They always surprise us after all lol. With the taiga shooting preoccupying Mao and Jun busy with concerts, tying of the knot is unlikely to happen at the moment (but they can always register their marriage in the city hall so that we can have the real Matsumoto Mao haha). Whatever plans this couple have, I will patiently wait and support them. :D

Anybody is free to argue and say otherwise, but this is what I believed and what the two of them is showing us.

those happy faces when they’re together :)

seems legit lol

seems legit lol

Hora!~ we have two-shots lol

the way he looks, sore ga ai deshou? <3

This ring that rocked the shippers’ (and non-shippers) world

I know the Arashi-Inoue Mao Kouhaku pairing is likely impossible now, but a fan can dream, right? :)